Our eARTh: Art speaks stronger than charts and figures


I am proud to have joined over 100 artists from across the globe to highlight climate change at the nine-month ‘Our eARTh’ environmental exhibition in North Yorkshire.

The exhibition at the Kunsthuis Gallery in Crayke features artists from the UK, Poland, Czech Republic, Ireland, Germany, USA, Israel and other countries, showcasing artwork responding to the environment and climate change.

My “Fukushima” poster, which is part of the exhibition, aims to raise awareness of the effects of radiation on the environment and highlight the risks that nuclear power brings.

I created the poster in reaction to the nuclear disaster that happened in March 2011, when a tsunami hit the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant in Japan, resulting in nuclear meltdown and a release of radioactive materials into the Pacific Ocean. The disaster is said to have been even worse than the catastrophe in Chernobyl from 1986, with much wider effects on the global environment. Years after the meltdown, scientists are still investigating the effects on fish, birds and plants, and the level of food contamination.

Awareness of the effects of radiation is helping revise energy policies and spark debates on whether we need nuclear power and how the nuclear industry should be regulated in order to avoid future disasters. This is especially important in times of climate change and the discussion around alternative sources of energy.

The artwork’s simple graphic form and minimalism aim to convey a clear and straightforward message about the potential effects of radiation. The power of this message is emphasized through the use of only two colours – black and yellow – said to create the most striking contrast for human eye.

All artwork at the exhibition is for sale, and 5% sales goes towards Friends of the Earth charity.

So, if you’re going up North this year (or down South – depending where you actually are ;-)), remember to put the beautiful Crayke on your itinerary. The gallery is located in a 1.6 acre wildlife garden and on the boundaries of the Howardian Hills – an area of outstanding natural beauty. You’ve got until 23rd December, so there’s plenty of time to plan your visit!

Gallery location: Mill Green Farm, Crayke, YO61 4TT, North Yorkshire

Exhibition runs 24th March – 23rd December 2018

Go to the gallery website for information about opening times and directions or visit their social media profiles for updates.