“The Song for Itself”

“The Song for Itself” DataMatrix NP001/22 is a non-musical song that is also a QR code leading to itself.

The QR code was written on the stave using the Note Painting coding method and then painted on a 60 x 60 cm canvas with acrylic paint. The notation included the use of black and white.

The QR code image brought you here to see the analogue Note Painting code written on the stave and encoding.

Below you can see the original sketch of the code and download the PDF with the explanation and idea.

Wonderful & Liked

W&L was a visual-musical, anti-artistic collective active between the years 1990 – 1994, comprised of Hassan, Cyrul Duhe, Lietzau and various guests.

It did not have a precise agenda like other groups, but a few common traits can be identified:

  • Complete opposition to art and its canon, equally as against art institutions as amateur artists and contemporaries
  • Mocking the avant-garde genre as a means for artists to cover their lack of ideas and mediocrity
  • Mocking artistic education where ‘the chosen ones’ ‘educate’ ‘the clueless’
  • Mocking small-town culture and old fashioned consumption of art
  • Mocking the new wave of ‘anti-art’, which includes the collective mocking its own ways.
  • Unveiling buffoonery in art, practised under the guise of intellect.
  • Lack of ‘greater artistic mission’ or will to sell people on their ideas
  • Lack of contact with media and the critics as part of the agenda
  • Absolute belief in own superior genius and brilliance
  • Free will of expression and illogicality, as well as the means to justify any and all of their actions
  • Playing ‘artist’ as someone ‘special’ in society
  • Being non-artists
  • Creation and destruction as means of self-expression
  • Emphasizing their individuality inside the group: a member of the collective adhered to no internal rules or pressure
  • Resilience against fashion and artistic trends
  • Opposition to technological progress and professionalism in various areas of life
  • Opposition to universal commercialisation, including that of the avant-garde genre
  • Opposition to political systems which exploit and destroy one’s individuality as it must be surrendered to the system
  • The collective was involved in:
  • Creation of music and sound, as well as concerts in venues and outdoors
  • Events and performances with presentation of painting (in liberal use of the word), collections of sounds, artistic installations, assemblage
  • Creation of objects, annexation of material space for their own purposes, then destroying all of that as well
  • Undefined activity in and out of art galleries
  • Campaigns and performances in public places without official approval
  • Inviting others to collaborate and operate together

In 1994 the collective fell apart, destroying (nearly) all of their legacy in the process: paintings, artefacts, photos, audio & video tapes and the documentation of own actions all fell victims of burning in a fire after being deemed mistakes in history.

This page contains the materials which miraculously survived – only because they happened to be in someone else’s possession.

Open Studio Weekend 5th-6th October 2019

I will be opening my studio again this year as part of Art on the Hill: The Windmill Hill and Victoria Park Arts Trail.
You are invited to come along and see my original paintings all in one place. Watch how new artwork is being created and browse through limited edition prints and greeting cards.
There will be tea, coffee and home made cakes to keep you going as there will be plenty more to see and do in the area. So grab a map and plan your day out. See you there!

Saturday 5th Oct & Sunday 6th Oct
11am – 6pm
Everyone welcome

Visit my FaceBook page for updates.

Open Studio Weekend 6-7th Oct 2018

I have the pleasure to announce I will be opening my studio doors on the first weekend of October.

You are invited to come along and see my original artworks all in one place, before they sail away to a gallery! Watch how new artworks are being created and be the first to take a peek at my new series of conceptual paintings.

Enjoy home-made cakes and tea while browsing through limited edition prints and hand-made greeting cards with colourful designs, perfect to cheer you up at the start of the winter season.

This is an informal and relaxing event where you can chat about anything, from the complexities of modern culture to how you spent your last holiday.

This event is part of Art on the Hill: The Windmill Hill and Victoria Park Arts Trail – Bristol UK. There’ll be plenty on offer within the trail, including workshops for children, a treasure hunt, a raffle with great prizes, and live music throughout the weekend.

See you there!

6th-7th October
11am – 5pm


Can reality imitate art?

My “Burning Sky over Park Street” painting was featured in Bristol Post after a fire broke out at a Bristol University building near Park Street on 6th January 2018, days after I finished painting.
On the evening of 6th January, I saw photos from the scene on media and I was astonished by the similarity to what I’d just painted and by the fact it happened in exactly the same place. I posted a tweet and the story was immediately picked up by a Bristol Post journalist. You can read the full story here: http://www.bristolpost.co.uk
Most of the time, we paint events that already happened. But, from time to time, art runs ahead of events.

Note Painting B-15

Work in progress.
Performing the B-15 composition. Sketching on the stave, correcting code, painting and adding colors.

More about Note Painting