Landscape Brine

The “Landscape Brine” series comprises atmospheric images inspired by Bristol landmarks and places the artist visited across the South West.

Images of places you will recognise from everyday walks or weekend trips are filtered through emotions emerging from the artist’s encounters as well as reflection upon their nature, and brought before your eyes with a symphony of colours thrown into vibrant compositions.

In this new series, each work is unique in its form and style. From quasi-realistic to semi-abstract; what links them together is not the form of expression, but the expression itself: the aim is to convey the essence of a place as seen and experienced by the artist, and to express the emotions behind every image.

The paintings have been created using a lengthy process of applying multiple layers of paint interposed with transparent glaze, to achieve a richness of colour and texture. This way of working resembles a ‘maturing’ process, where a raw image is subject to subsequent stages of gentle transformations until it reaches its final shape.

Old Bristol nocturns

Enchanted by the beauty of old Bristol’s photographs and inspired by long walks around today’s Bristol, accompanied with the setting sun or the moonlight.